Regulating Valve Type CBS

available with either triangular or pentagonal orifice and a specially adapted slide plate

these allow a flow control to a high degree of regulation including regulation with high flow level or pressure drop in the system

areas of application

flow control for water and sticky media, pressure reduction

nominal diameters: DN 50 – 600 (2 – 24“)
material: stainless steel (1.4404 / 1.4571)
flanges: DIN EN 1092-1, ANSI B 16.5 class 150
seal: NBR, Viton, EPDM and others


Paper industry and chemical industry

LOHSE COMPACT-gate valves have proved their value and reliability in all branches of ins paper and chemical industries. CNA-valves are regulating-type valves. The type is suitable for regulation of stock and aggressive media.

Sewage treatment

When LOHSE COMPACT-gate valves of acid resistant stainless steel are installed in waste water treatment plants, the need to use expensive isolation appliances to guard against contact-corrosion is removed.

Food industry

LOHSE COMPACT-gate valves are widely used as regulating valves for viscous and glutionous media as for instance in salt works, sugar mills, wine making industry, breweries etc.
In special designs, the non-metallic components of the LOHSE valves can be equipped with FDA-approved components. The respective suitability must be checked for each application.

Special models

For special applications, we can supply special valves constructed of various materials for differing temperatures, pressures and sealing properties to suit the particular application.



Housings entirely of stainless steel

  • pressed steel design
  • completely corrosion and acid resistant
  • light
  • easy to maintain
  • the handwheel support also serves as a mounting for any switchgear or control apparatus

Slide guides of special plastic

  • abrasion resistant
  • excellent anti-friction properties
  • temperature resistant
  • acid resistant
  • easily replaceable

Valve plate of stainless steel

  • through its special design in combination with triangle and pentagon orifice is a constant regulation possible
  • built in strength to resist water pressure vibration

Design of orifice triangle or pentagon

  • triangle for precisely regulation
  • pentagon for regulation with high flow

Actuating elements in well-proved LOHSE modular system

  • interchangeable on all valves of our make
  • also interchangeable on the incorporated existing valve
  • reduced stock holding

Technical drawing